About Us

Our History

Panoptic is a boutique, truly client-centric, privately owned wealth management firm based in Brisbane and Sydney.

Our experience and expertise are reasons why clients seek our advice to guide them through the highs and lows of financial markets. We provide astute, tailored financial advice to assist clients preserve and grow their wealth and help them achieve their goals and create a secure financial future both for themselves and their next generation.

Our team of advisers are all respected financial industry professionals, each with over 10 years of experience in financial services.  Our advisers have diverse and complementary educational and professional backgrounds which, far exceed the required standards for licensed financial advisers.  Our advisers are supported by a highly experienced and professional team of practice management and client services staff, as well as external compliance oversight.

We are dedicated to maintaining exceptional professional, ethical and technical standards through an ongoing commitment to the development of our expertise. We encourage our advisers and staff to continue their professional development to maintain expertise across financial markets, products, strategies, and legislative changes.

Our experience and client relationship history provides you, the client, with an opportunity to partner with tried and tested success in the industry.

Panoptic Wealth Philosophy

The culture of our firm is based firmly on the following principles:

Client First

We place the interest of the client first, at all times acting honestly and with utmost good faith.

Strong Client Relationships

We aim to deliver an exceptional client experience through long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Professional & Ethical

Our team of professionals are of the highest quality. All of our advisors are encouraged to pursue the highest educational standards for the industry.

Highly Researched Investments

The investments we recommend are well researched and regularly reviewed to ensure they are the most appropriate solutions for our clients.

About Our Logo

Our logo is a testament to our company values.

When in consultation for our logo we knew two things:

1. We required something unique, as our services are, and

2. We required a visual way to communicate our strengths

The composition of our logo is simple, though not immediately obvious.

The Panoptic logo is comprised of equal-sized squares with negative space forming the shape of the letter P. The letter P is made of the ‘greater than’ symbol, which is repeated multiple times throughout the logo in the surrounding space.

The building block style of our logo is purposeful, and alludes to a financial advisory service with strong foundations in trust, integrity, and experience.

Our Approach

1. Goal setting

We take the time to really get to know you and what’s important to you. We’ll discuss your short and long-term goals and how we can work together to help you achieve them.

2. Reviewing

Before we can get you where you’re going, we’ll need to know where you’re starting. We’ll conduct a thorough review to get a clear picture of your current financial situation.

3. Planning

Our financial experts will develop a plan that’s clear, concise, accurate and most importantly, achievable. Our holistic approach means you don’t need to use multiple providers.

4. Strategy

Our in-house investment committee focusses on continually reviewing investable assets both domestically and internationally. This ensures we are managing market risk at all times so your portfolio is consistently achieving realistic returns.

5. Flexibility

Panoptic offers our clients a managed portfolio service that is overseen by our investment committee. That allows us to use external money managers to assist in generating superior market returns with active risk management.

6. Revision

Whether your lifestyle changes or there’s change in the global market, our regular reviews will keep you on track. Your goals, plan and strategy can be adjusted for best results.

Are you aiming for financial freedom?