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Financial Planning

Panoptic Wealth provides strategic financial advice to clients and their families to create, retain, and grow their wealth for the next generation. Your Panoptic Wealth adviser acts as your strategic counsel to guide you through the constantly changing financial landscape.

Our financial advisers make decisions based on an intimate understanding of you, and things that matter to you and your family. Our role is to highlight opportunities, warn you of potential risks, and collaborate with other trusted experts to meet your defined financial goals.


Superannuation advice

Cashflow & tax management


Government payments

Liquidity requirement

Portfolio Management

Panoptic operates individually managed accounts with a focus on tailoring the portfolio to the needs and risk profile of you, the client. Your adviser in combination with our investment committee, oversees your individually managed portfolio. This provides you with direct access to your portfolio’s decision maker, and the opportunity be a part of all the decisions that are made.

We take time to gain an understanding of our client’s individual goals and risk profiles, and then construct a portfolio providing diversity across a number of asset classes. Our portfolios reflect our clients individual preferences, whilst maximising their returns and minimising risk.

Domestic equities

International equities

Fixed interest


Managed funds

Cash & term deposits

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adjective | pan-OP-tik

showing or seeing the whole at one view; all-encompassing
“experience panoptic financial expertise”

12 things to ask yourself about your financial situation

  1. Do you know your current financial position?
  2. Have you planned your estate?
  3. Do you have peace of mind with your investment strategy?
  4. Do you have enough super?
  5. Has your rate of return been competitive with respective benchmarks?
  6. Do you have a plan for reaching your financial goals?
  1. Do you know what your rate of return has been?
  2. Are you using super payments to help lower your tax bill?
  3. Is your family protected financially in the event of illness or injury?
  4. Are you getting the most out of your income?
  5. Do you know how long your retirement funds may last?
  6. Do you understand where your income is going?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, contact us to discuss a plan to maximise your wealth and secure your future.

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